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Our customers are in love with Nourishing Nipmuc and how fast it absorbs and nourishes their skin. They were totally surprised by the incredibly light and refreshing scent of "prickly pear" a scent we created just for our Top Tier Nourishing Nipmuc! 

Don't let this winter catch you without our newest TOP TIER LOTION!


The Indigenous Nipmuc Tribes of Central Massachusetts and New England faced all kinds of harsh weather. Central Massachusetts is especially known for it's harsh winters. The Nipmuc people of course HAD to be resourceful and wise people to understand what plants and roots around them to use for their skin and for medicine and survival. 


The Nipmuc  and other Native People, used a wide variety of what we like to call "roots and remedies" to care for their skin but also had #medicinal uses. We chose 3 powerful healing and hydrating "roots and remedies" to feature in our first Indigenous Butter made by our very own Indigenous formulator and creator Angel Marie of Nataiwi Products, LLC! How special is that?


Angel Marie chose some of the most beneficial and powerful ingredients know to the Indigenous people and The Nipmuc Tribe. Take a look at some of those ingredients and some super star anti-aging ingredients we added to make Nipmuc the 1st of it's kind!


*Prickly Pear

Very rich in #antioxidants and helps [prevent breakouts and skin damage.

* Stinging Nettle

Calms & soothes skin. A natural #antiinflamatory reduces itchiness and redness of inflamed skin. Helps skin conditions like #psoriasis #eczema and similar skin conditions. Helps shrink & tighten skin.

* Juniper

Detoxifies skin, repairs, heals and strengthens skin. Rich in iron and Magnesium.


We also included some other super beneficial skin loving super star ingredients like:

Carrot Seed Oil

Mango Butter 

Shea Butter

Rice Bran Oil

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Hyaluronic Acid 

Pro Vitamin B5 


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Worcester, MA
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