Guava Super Growth Oil

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Our Strongest and Most Concentrated Super Hair Growth Oil Ever!

We Formulated our latest <strong>Super Growth Oil harnessing the antioxidants and vitamins in Guava Leaf and Guava Seed Extract and several other ingredients that garner growth and hair health.

Guava is a Powerhouse of nutrients and contains Vitamin B & C, Guava Leaf helps boost Collagen activity, necessary for growth. We wanted to provide our customers an oil that will address many issues that slow and stop growth and thickness. 

Every ingredient in this oil on it's on works amazing but in our unique blend, you will see results!

Ingredients & their benefits:

Guava Leaf & Seed

Vitamin B&C Stops Hair Loss and Boost Collagen


Sulfur Rich, Strengthens Hair, anti-inflammatory, influences GROWTH

Passion Fruit Oil  (Maracuja)

High in Linoleic for Healthy Scalp, High Vitamin E

Black Seed Oil

Hair Growth,Thickens Hair, Scalp Health

Hibiscus Flower

Stimulates Blood Flow & Hair Growth to Follicles , Rich in Amino Acids and Flavonols


Grows & Thickens Hair. Softens and Darkens Hair. Makes Hair Shiny. Improves Scalp Health.

Moringa Oil

Very High in Vitamin A & B. Penetrates deeply and contains Oleic Acid aiding in growth and hair health

Rice Bran Oil

Supplies the Scalp with antioxidants and helps remove Free Radicals. Hypoallergenic, Prevents damage & premature grey, Fights Dandruff, Grows and Thickens Hair

Amla Powder

Rich in Vitamins, Grows Hair, Thickens Hair

Henna Powder

Grows & Thickens Hair, Darkens Hair

Star Anise

For Shiny Hair, Improves Scalp Health

Jojoba Oil

Conditions Hair, Helps Prevent Hair loss, Hydrates and improves Hair Elasticity

Camelina Oil

Contains highest levels of Essential Fatty Acids, Restores damaged Hair Cuticles, Feeds dry Scalps, Drastically improves Hair Elasticity

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