Top Tier Hand and Body Lotion For Men (Fragrance Kingship)

Nataiwi Products, LLC


                                                            Top Tier ~ A Collection

                                                 Luxury Hand & Body Lotion for Men 



Why name a lotion "Top Tier" and "Kingship" because it truly is! Of course we used only Top Tier Organic Ingredients like Saffron, Tonka Bean, Myrrh Safflower Oil and more high end and hardworking ingredients that nourish, heal and soften skin for ALL day moisture retention and irresistibly soft skin. 


Kingship smells amazing because it's formulated with one of the most expensive notes of perfume, OUD. OUD scents are intoxicating and rich. The "top note" of our Top Tier is Myrrh which has biblical importance. Myrrh was given for Kingship & Worship because of it's spiritual value and importance. The other Top Note is Tonka Bean. Tonka Bean is Spicy, Woodsy, Vanilla-like and has hints of Tobacco.


Guys you will LOVE the smell and light feel of Kingship. It goes on very smooth and you only need a little bit. You deserve to feel this kind of natural luxury that indulges your skin and senses in richness that's so nourishing and long lasting.

We know you'll never consider another lotion after Top Tier Kingship!

Formulated with Organic and very high end ingredients like: 🌱

Star Top Tier Ingrediants:


Tonk Bean ♧ Natural Aphrodisiac, helps fight UV damage, evens skintone, brightens skin, leaves skin radiant and  healthier looking, is rich in antioxidants.

Saffron ♧ Reduces Pigmentation, Enhances Natural Glow, Protects from UV Ray's, Anti-Aging, speeds scar healing, Treats Acne.

 Myrrh ♧ Biblically used for fragrance & healing,. Spiritual symbolism, used for Kingship & more, helps kill bacteria,antioxidant, fights free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid ♧ Promotes production of collagen, keeps skin moisturized, firms, reduces scarring.

 Pro Vitamin b5 ♧ Protects skin barrier, helps retain moisture, maximizes hydration.

 Safflower Oil ♧ Packed with powerful antioxidants, protects against UV damage, brightening and fights hyperpigmentation, forms, protects collagen from damage & much more!