Top Tier 4 0z Luxury Hand & Body Lotion (Luxurious Lemongrass & Brazillian Orange)

Nataiwi Products, LLC


                                                            Top Tier ~ A Collection

                                                 Luxury Hand & Body Lotion 

                                             Luxurious Lemongrass & Brazilian Orange

Anti-Aging Formula featuring Super Long Lasting Hydration and an irresistible scent! 

We put ya'll on TOP with this one! Of Course we had to make a lotion that's as rich as it's name suggest because we KNOW ya'll expect nothing less from Nataiwi Products, llc and SJ Health & Beauty, llc !


This lotion is a "Top Tier" experience! Our lotion boasts high end and hardworking ingredients like Organic Ceramides, Fatty Acids, Pro-Vitamins and more!

'Top Tier' Luxurious Lemongrass & Brazilan smells as amazing  as it sounds. A truly invigorating scent that lifts and soothes you. Our Organic Top Tier Luxury Hand & Body Lotion has no fillers or harmful chemicals. It goes on effortlessly and a little goes a very long way! It leaves your skin feeling soft and looking well moisturized without a greasy feel. 


Everyone will ask you what scent you're wearing and what has your skin so glowy and soft! Tell them "Top Tier" and we put you on TOP!

We know you'll never consider another lotion after experiencing Top Tier!

Formulated with Organic and very high end ingredients like: 🌱

Star Top Tier Ingrediants:

Kokum Butter * Helps regenerate skin cells, helps prevent the degeneration of skin cells, fast absorption, antioxidant (combats the visible signs of aging), rich in vitamin E, protects skin!

Jajoba Oil * Moisturizing, aides in healing, hypoallergenic, rich in antioxidents.

 Bamboo * Aids in Collagen production, superb moisturizer, helps skin appear plump and firm, and aids in collagen production, which is important for the skin's elasticity.  anti-inflammatory properties & antibacterial properties.

Hyaluronic Acid * Promotes production of collagen, keeps skin moisturized, firms, reduces scarring.

Walnut Oil * Superfood for skin! Rich in Fatty Acids, Omega 3s, aids in healthier younger looking skin.

Ylang Ylang Oil * A natural aphrodisiac, helps heal dry cracked skin, moisturives and replenishes skin.

 Pro Vitamin b5 * Protects skin barrier, helps retain moisture, maximizes hydration.

 Safflower Oil * Packed with powerful antioxidants, protects against UV damage, brightening and fights hyperpigmentation, forms, protects collagen from damage & much more!