MINI Sweat Potato Body Butter
MINI Sweat Potato Body Butter
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MINI Sweat Potato Body Butter

Nataiwi Products, LLC
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MINI Sweet Potato Whipped Body Butter


Have you ever had an amazing piece of Sweet Potato Pie? Or some bangin Candied Yams? Delicious right? Well Sweet Potatoes and Yams are more than just dessert. The sweet potato is very high in beta-carotene which actually converts to Vitamin A aka retinol. What does that mean for your skin? Healthy skin production and anti-aging benefits that's what!

Here are some of our star ingredients and their benefits!

Vitamin C (also for collagen production)

Skin elasticity improvement

Even skin

Soft skin (Pantothenic acid rich)

Potassium rich

Hair growth (due to Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin C)

Ylang Ylang Oil

DECREASED SENSITIVITY TO UV DAMAGE Folate is another important nutrient found in sweet potatoes. Folate deficiency can increase sensitivity to UV damage, which can increase the risk of skin cancers.


Hyper-pigmentation Dark spots, or hyper-pigmentation, occurs naturally with age and as a result of UV exposure (i.e. sun damage). Diosgenin acts as a depigmenting agent, potentially helping to reduce the appearance of unwanted dark spots and inhibiting the occurrence of new hyper-pigmentation.

Ylang Ylang tree can help improve libido and enhance romance in the bedroom thanks to its powerful relaxing and soothing qualities. Ylang Ylang essential oil can be beneficial for those who experience stress due to workload, depression or life circumstances.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is also known to improve the appearance of hair, improving thickness and lustre.

Nourish skin & hair Due to its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseborrheic properties, Ylang Ylang essential oil is effective in improving the appearance of the skin, clearing pimples and help treat various skin conditions

Saponin Diosgenin is used in cosmetics for its ability to fight the loss of collagen in skin.

Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits:

Treating acne: Antibacterial properties of cinnamon can be really helpful for people with acne.

Cinnamon brings blood to skin surface: This property of cinnamon can help in getting rid of fine lines on the face.

Our Ingredients are:

Mango Butter

Shea Oil

Castor Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

Pure Sweet Potato root powder

Pure Sweet Potato Extract

Pure Yam Root Extract

Flavor Oil

Essential Oil

Ceylon Cinnamon

Vanilla Extract

Lemon Extract


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