Lighten Up Lip Balm Set

Nataiwi Products, LLC


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"Lighten Up" Lip Balm

We formulated this Organic Lip Balm just for our 420 customers! This Lip Balm is specifically formulated to help Lighten and Moisturize Smokers Lips. We use Hemp Seed and Turmeric along with Sunflower Oil and MCT Oil to do just that!

Turmeric is a proven lightener and natural fighter of hyperpigmentation so you know we had to use it in this formula.

Organic Beeswax and Sunflower, Hemp Seed and MCT are packed with Omega 3s, Vitamins and skin moisturizing ingredients to fight the dry and chapped lips.

Our customers know we have to go that "extra mile to make ya smile" and we wouldn't want them lips cracking while ya cracking that smile. 😂


What's so special about our Organic Lip Balm? Glad ya asked! We formulated our 3 Lip Balms to address multiple needs:

  • Lighten Lips (Turmeric)
  • Nourish (Hemp Seed)
  • Heal and protect lips all day
  • Provide a brain boost and mood with (MCT Oil)
  • (Sunflower Oil) to help support Immune health