Top Tier ~ A Collection ™️ Luxury Hand & Body Lotion Our mens version of #toptier is Formulated with Organic and very high end ingredients like: 🌱 Tonk Bean ♧ Natural Aphrodisiac, Anti aging properties, skin brightener, antioxidant, leaves skin radiant and healthier looking. 🌱 Saffron ♧ Reduces Pigmentation, Enhances Natural Glow, Protects from UV Ray's, Anti-Aging, speeds scar healing, Treats Acne. 🌱 Myrrh ♧ Biblically used for fragrance & healing,. Spiritual symbolism, used for Kingship & more, helps kill bacteria,antioxidant, fights free radicals. 🌱 Hyaluronic Acid ♧ Promotes production of collagen, keeps skin moisturized, firms, reduces scarring 🌱 Pro Vitamin b5 ♧ Protects skin barrier, helps retain moisture, maximizes hydration. 🌱 Safflower Oi ♧ Packed with powerful antioxidants, protects against UV damage, brightening and fights hyperpigmentation, forms, protects collagen from damage & much more!