Lighten Up 10mL Lip Nectar & Lip Scrub

Nataiwi Products, LLC


– Vendido

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  • Lighten Up Lip Nectar (Hemp Seed)
  • Lighten Up Lip Nectar (Purple Haze) w/shimmer 
  • Lighten Up Scrub (Purple Haze)
  • Lighten Up Scrub (Original)

"Lighten Up" Lip Nectar Original & Purple Haze

We heard your calls for 420 Lip Care and we delivered!

Our very unique "Lighten Up" Lip Nectar and Lip Scrub in Original and "Purple Haze"     Is formulated to lighten your lips and help prevent darkening of smokers lips. We use Organic Turmeric known for its natural and proven ability to fight hyperpigmentation and uneven skin.

Smokers also battle dry and chapped lips from smoking. Our Lip Nectar is Hemp Seed based and filled with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins and nutrients. We also added MCT Oil known for its ability to boost mood, memory, energy and brain function. If that's not enough we added Sunflower Oil that also helps boost immune system and moisturizes skin and softens. 

Start with our Lip Scrub to remove dead, discolored skin and prep your lips for our Lip Nectar. The scrub will also make it easier to absorb the benefits of the Lip Nectar.

"Lighten Up" Lip Scrub (Original & Purple Haze)

If you truly want to "Lighten Up" your Lips, start with our Organic Lip Scrub!

Our scrub is not like all the generic lip scrubs you see out there. Our Lip Scrub is formulated to do way more than "scrub" your lips. We formulated this scrub specifically with our 420 customers in mind. We formulated this 420 friendly line to literally LIGHTEN your lips and help prevent darkening from smoking. Take a look before you "take a toke"


Pure Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Hemp Seed Oil


Sunflower Oil

Turmeric Oil