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Grey Sweats Face Toner

Simple Routine Skincare For Men
A mans face needs more than soap and water. The most important thing you can do for your skin (especially if you shave) is take special care of it and prevent irritation. Protect, repair and nourish your face after you've opened up your pores with things like shaving, exfoliating and washing. We keep it simple and we keep it real and effective with just TWO products! Step one, Our Vitamin C Face Toner and Step Two, Our Vitamin rich & Antioxidant Face Moisturizer.
A Face Toner isn't just for women. Men have pores too right? Toners do just as the name implies, TONE! What guy doesn't see the benefits of being "toned"?
Our Face Toner will wake up your skin. Feed it with Vitamins C, B and A. Give it a healthy look and tighten those pores. Toners also help reduce breakouts and inflammation and redness. We also added some antioxidants and age fighting ingredients to keep your skin young and healthy, help minimize breakouts and more.
Once you add Face Toner to your routine, you'll become addicted to the feeling of  misting your face and feeling your skin respond, that fresh faced toned look, is key to any good skincare routine.
After you use our Toner, seal the deal with our lightweight face moisturizer and be on your way!

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