4 0z Forbidden Face & Body Exfoliant (black rice & coffee)

Nataiwi Products, LLC


– Vendido

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Forbidden Face & Body Exfoliant is a L U X U R Y Scrub with LUXURIOUS ingredients to do far more than remove what you don't want on your skin.

Forbidden Face & Body Exfoliant is a cream based scrub that doesn't strip skin but removes impurities and dead skin and then promotes healthy skin production and collagen ! Black Rice, Mung Bean, Coffee, Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and much more!


  • Promotes Collagen production
  • All day Soft Skin
  • Super Hydrating
  • Glowing Skin Reduces Hyperpigmentation
  • Refines Skin and improves texture
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Reduces Breakouts

Star Ingredients

* Black Rice * Coffee * Mung Bean * Hyaluronic Acid * Turmeric * Raw Cacao Butter

* Pomegranate Seed Oil * Carrot Seed Oil * Pro Vitamin B5 * Vitamin C * Clove Oil

* Aloe Vera Gel


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