Hello! Its ya girl SARAH JOY here! CEO of S.J. Health & Beauty LLC! 

Welcome to the JOY Collection! In this collection we have two amazing products! We have our Lemongrass Face Toner and our Lemongrass Hair Masque!

The Lemongrass Face Toner is great for the summertime! It is also great to have right on your bedside so when you wake up in the morning after washing your face, you can just give yourself a nice fresh spritz! Im telling you its amazing!

The Lemongrass Hair Masque is also perfect for the summertime! After a fresh wash once a week you put this in your hair and leave it in for 30min to an hour and rinse it out and BOOM your curls are very light and fluffy and it smells amazing the fresh smell of lemongrass in your hair! It gives your hair so much strength!