Y.E.S. (Young Entrepreneur Spotlight) Program

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S.J. Health & Beauty, LLC and Nataiwi Products, LLC is excited to announce our latest partnership. We have teamed up to put a "Spotlight" on Young Entrepreneurs of color with our YES program. . It is important to us to work with Young Black Entrepreneurs that "look like" our consumers. We created this unique Ambassadorship to both spotlight our amazing organic products and to "normalize" young black business owners while they're in the "building" phase of their brands. SJ Health & Beauty, LLC and Nataiwi Products, LLC created Y.E.S (Young Entreprenuer Spotlight) to do just that! We at SJ Health & Beauty and Nataiwi Products, LLC believe that it is vital to provide our people with living and relatable examples of entrepreneurship so that we can encourage and normalize economic independence within our communities.

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