3D Crown Beard Balm

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**Our 3D Kings Crown Beard balm. This King Beard Balm is Limited Edition**

The 3D Kings Crown Balm is the same formula as our Beard Balm King (B.B.K)

The King of ALL beard balms! Take a small amount of balm into the palm of your hand. With both hands work it into your palms then apply to your beard/mustache. Our balm will help you style and nourish your beard. Our B.B. King has a clean light Orange/Lime fragrance. Our balm can grow and thicken your beard as well as resolve any skin issues. Our balm also has many ingredients that address germs and infection for really full beards. Our favorite ingredient is our Organic Non GMO Rosemary. A natural hair growth agent and antiseptic, it also has cognitive benefits for the brain and calming for stress and mood. Try out our Beard Balm, you won't ever go back!

Made with Organic Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Rosemary oil, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Anise seed, Organic Grapeseed oil, Organic Castor oil, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Lime oil and organic Orange oil.


Benefits of Ingredients:

Mango butter 


Packed with Fatty Acids and Vitamins it nourishes and feeds hair


Excellent emollient properties, great sealing agent.


Natural UV protection


Treats dry skin


Clears blemishes


Delays wrinkles




Soothes insect bites


And more..


Organic Beeswax

Heels and softens skin


Antibacterial properties that are essential in fighting chapped skin and bacterial infections.


Organic Rosemary oil

Known to stimulate hair growth


Reduce pain, soothe inflammation




Stress reliever


Improves cognitive function and memory


Boost immune system


And much more...



Kills bacteria and fungi on the scalp


Promotes hair growth


Prevents premature grey hair


Creates shiny conditioned hair


And much more..


Anise seed

Repairs damaged splitting hair


Shiny healthy skin


Develops new hair


Itch reduction




PH balance


And more..


Boost testosterone